Attendance Calendar Kit

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Attendance Calendar Kit


Master Attendance Tracking With A Recordkeeping And Storage System

This all-in-one Attendance Calendar Kit builds on the simplicity of the Attendance Calendar™ and expands it into a tool to keep you informed and organized.

The heart of this kit is the Attendance Calendar. These employee attendance cards show a full year and take the headache out of spotting who’s on the job and who’s called in sick three Mondays in a row. The easy-to-use, calendar-style format lets you mark missed days right on the card - no cumbersome forms to fill out, sort through, photocopy or store.

Your calendars are stored in a sturdy three-ring binder that includes 26 color-coded A-to-Z divider tabs for fast, alphabetized access. You get all your employee attendance records, protected and in one central location, along with the ComplyRight Attendance Advisor, which includes expert advice to manage your employee attendance issues. 


Employee Attendance Calendar


Track A Whole Year Of Attendance For Each Employee

With today's managers busier than ever, employee attendance tracking can seem like a never-ending battle. That's why HRdirect offers the Attendance Calendarr™. A simple, one-year, employee attendance record takes the headache out of keeping track of who's on the job and who's called in sick three Mondays in a row.

The easy-to-use, calendar-style format lets you mark days missed right on the card. No time-consuming forms to fill out, no copies to make, no stacks of employee attendance sheets to sort through and store - just one quick and easy attendance chart to use for the whole year! Join the more than 1 million businesses that effectively fight absenteeism with the Attendance Calendar.


The price break table below only applies to the 50pk option.

as low as $40.99

Attendance Advisor

Help Managers to Respond to all Attendance Issues


When used with the top-selling Employee Attendance Calendar, the ComplyRight™ Attendance Advisor™ provides a complete system for managers and supervisors to track attendance and respond to absences. After logging absence reasons on the Attendance Calendar, simply refer to this innovative tool for an explanation of the legal red flags and next steps to take, including documentation.

Attendance Calendar Binder 3"

Organize Employee Attendance Calendars Using a Convenient Binder


Keep all Attendance Calendar™ cards in one easy-to-find place.


3 Inch Ring, 3 Ring, Binder. Our large three-ring Attendance CalendarTM binder features 3” rings designed specifically for use with our Attendance Calendar cards. The binder creates an efficient, centralized attendance-tracking solution.

Attendance Calendar Binder 1.5"

Keep your Attendance Calendar Cards Organized and Secure


Store your Attendance Calendar™ cards in one secure and convenient place. Our durable 1.5", three-ring Attendance Calendar™ Binder


1.5 Inch Ring, 3 Ring, Binder.


is designed specifically for use with our Attendance Calendar™ cards creating an efficient, consolidated system to keep employee attendance information safe and organized.

A to Z Divider Tabs

Organize Employee Attendance Records With A to Z Divider Tabs

The colored A-to-Z Divider Tabs work great in our attendance calendar binders to help you quickly and easily organize your attendance calendars alphabetically.