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Employee Anniversary Cards

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Anniversary Celebration Card


Cheers to a Happy Anniversary!

Colorful confetti are scattered around modern lettering for a fun yet elegant anniversary wish.

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Stardust Anniversary Card


Give Employees a Gold Star Recognition

Thank your employees for their dedication and commitment with employee anniversary cards. Brilliant stars surround the gold "Happy Anniversary" greeting on this midnight blue card.

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Anniversary Banner Card


Celebrate Your Employee’s Work Anniversary with a Pop of Color

Recognize your team members with a multi-colored confetti-filled card.

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Anniversary Celebration Card


Cheerful Personally Yours® business greeting cards

Honor your team members with happy anniversary greetings. The garnet and gold card adds an elegant touch for a memorable occasion.

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Anniversary Color Banner Card


Turn Each Employee Anniversary into a Special Event

Observe each employee’s company anniversary with some upbeat recognition. This cheerful design is a great way to tell your team you appreciate their efforts and keep them motivated.

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Anniversary Flourish Card


Give Every Employee Anniversary Extra Impact

Share happy anniversary wishes in style with this classically tasteful design. A combination of refined ornamental elements make sure people feel valued when receiving these company anniversary cards.

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Anniversary Rainbow Card


Wish Each Employee a Happy Work Anniversary in Style

Make it easy to show your team you care with these jovial employee anniversary cards. The glittery look of the lettering adds pop and reminds each recipient you appreciate her or him.

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Anniversary Sparkle Card


Let Each Business Anniversary Sparkle

Give your employees corporate anniversary cards with less “corporate” and more “anniversary.” A vivid design filled with glittery goodness is a fun way to show your appreciation.

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Anniversary Stars Card


Make Your Employee’s Work Anniversary More Special

Make your team members feel valued with these attractive happy anniversary greetings. The glimmering blue field of stars looks even more like a celebration with the embossed silver metallic foil. These company anniversary cards make the occasion extra memorable.

as low as $1.19

Anniversary Streamers Employee Anniversary Card


Celebrate a Special Milestone with this Employee Anniversary Card

Bright rainbow streamers and multicolor confetti scatter the front of the matte white cardstock. Stars in select sizes and a simple lined border detail the card, both embossed and coated with gold foil. "HAPPY" is printed in a block serif font above "Anniversary" printed in elegant script

as low as $1.19

Big Star Anniversary Card


Honor Your Shining Stars

Thank employees for their hard work with a whimsical gold and blue star-covered card to celebrate their anniversary.

as low as $1.19

Chalkboard Anniversary Banner Card


Not All Corporate Anniversary Cards Are the Same

These fun business anniversary cards are a great solution for marking a special day. The playful, artistic look says something important without being formal or stuffy.

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Chalkboard Anniversary Banner Spanish Card


These Employee Anniversary Cards Make Sure Nobody’s Left Out

With these work anniversary cards, you can offer congratulations to your team members who speak Spanish. The quirky design helps show you care and the Spanish messages let the recipient feel like a valuable part of the team.

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Classic Happy Anniversary Card


Classic Happy Anniversary Cards

Tasteful and timeless, Classic Happy Anniversary Cards are a perfect way to commemorate an employment anniversary. This refined design will serve you for years to come.

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Colorful Stars Anniversary Card


Business Anniversary Cards to Show Your Appreciation

Thank your employees for their dedication with employee anniversary cards. It features multiple stars, including sparkling gold stars, suspended by various colors above the message “It’s Your Anniversary.”

as low as $0.81

Congratulations Confetti Anniversary Card


Recognize a Year of Dedicated Service with an Affordable Personnelly Yours®Employee Anniversary Card

Celebrate a professional milestone with this employee anniversary card. "Congratulations It's Your Anniversary" is printed on the front featuring a vibrant 4-color design and spray of rainbow-colored confetti.

as low as $0.81

Contemporary Anniversary Card


Tap Into the Power of Appreciation

A little thoughtfulness goes a long way with the Contemporary Anniversary Card. This festive design lets you show support for employees by celebrating their work anniversaries.

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Elegant Anniversary Card


Recognize Employees with Personnelly Yours® Business Greeting Cards

Honor your team members with happy anniversary greetings. The Sapphire and Silver adds an elegant touch for a memorable occasion.

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Gleaming Star Employee Anniversary Card


Celebrate Your Employee's Professional Milestone by Sending this Employee Anniversary Card.

"Happy Anniversary" in sophisticated script is deeply embossed in the white textured cardstock and covered in gold foil. A gleaming silver star comprises the front of the card, stylized with brush strokes. Gold foil streamers and star confetti scatter the card.

as low as $1.19

Gold Anniversary Balloons Card


Celebrate Workplace Milestones in Style

Brilliant gold foil patterned balloons float above the greeting on this vibrant Happy Anniversary card. Simple and classy, this card is sure to make a lasting impression on all who receive it.

as low as $1.19

Gold Sparkle Anniversary Card


A Touch of Gold for an Employee Anniversary

Recognize each employee’s commitment with work anniversary cards. “Happy” is printed in black lettering with “Anniversary” printed in a gold script with a white halo surrounded by a sparkly gold background.

as low as $0.81

Gold Star Anniversary Card


Make Employee Motivation Easy with Business Anniversary Cards

Wish your most dedicated employees a “Happy Anniversary” with this simple, but stylish, business anniversary card. It features a striking, four-color design with a cover message in a dynamic font and punctuated by a contemporary, gold star.

as low as $0.81

Happy in Stars Anniversary Card


A Joyful Card for a Star Employee’s Anniversary

Bursting into the scene with glittery, rainbow-hued stars, this anniversary card is sure to brighten an employee’s day. It’s a cheerful card to share your enthusiastic congratulations for a year of dedicated service.

as low as $0.81

Happy in Stars Anniversary Spanish Card


A Joyful Card for a Star Employee’s Anniversary

Bursting into the scene with glittery, rainbow-hued stars, this anniversary card is sure to brighten an employee’s day. It’s a cheerful card to share your enthusiastic congratulations for a year of dedicated service.

as low as $0.81

Linear Anniversary Card


Go For Graphic with An Eye-Catching Anniversary Card

With its clean, bold design of perpendicular purple and blue lines, this birthday card is striking in its simplicity. Couple the graphic with a strong message of thanks (and encouragement,) and you have the perfect card to recognize an employee anniversary.

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Shower Of Stars Anniversary Card


Thank Your Employee for His or Her Dedication Throughout the Years with an Employee Anniversary Card

Thank your employees for all their hard work this year with this lively employee anniversary card. It features a dazzling, four-color design with a spray of shaded stars against an intense purple background. "Congratulations it's your Anniversary" is printed across the front of the card in a radiating golden yellow ink. A large star in a gradient midnight blue ink is outlined behind the inscription. Smaller stars in coordinating tones of blue dance along the bottom of the card. The artwork is printed against a gradient midnight blue background.

as low as $0.81

Silver Anniversary Pattern Card


This Calls for a Celebration

Wish them a Happy Anniversary with this soft silver background card featuring silver patterns. This elegant greeting card is sure to be proudly displayed for all to enjoy.

as low as $1.19

Sparkling Anniversary Card


Recognize Employees' Company Anniversaries.

Make your employees feel appreciated on their corporate anniversary. These business anniversary cards will convey your sincerest anniversary greetings.

Sorry this card is out of stock

as low as $1.17

Starburst Anniversary Card


Send your Traditional Congratulatory Wishes with a Modern Twist by Sending this Employee Anniversary Card

Bursting with color and pattern, this Starburst Anniversary Card is sure to make anyone’s work anniversary special. It features an energetic, four-color design with a spray of rainbow-hued stars and steamers that “pop” against the white background. "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" is expressed in thick bubble lettering, a bright blue ink and outlined in white.

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Stars and Swirls Anniversary Card


The Stars and Swirls Anniversary Card Shows You Care

Let your employees know they’re important with one simple gesture. These tasteful cards make it easy to recognize an employment anniversary and tell your team you appreciate them.

as low as $0.81

Vibrant Anniversary Card


Vibrant Anniversary Cards

Fun colors and an exclusive design make this employee anniversary card a one-of-a-kind greeting. It features a lively, four-color design with rings of bright color around the cover message and a spray of streamers and stars.

as low as $0.81

Masterpiece Anniversary Card


Masterpiece Anniversary Card

Sending a Masterpiece Anniversary Card with bold, bright colors front and center will catch your employee's attention. "Happy Anniversary!" is printed across the front of the card in bright purple ink against a white background and outlined with a thin blue ink strip. Vivid bursts of colors in purple, pink, orange, blue and yellow decorate the front of the card.

Clearance card, additional discounts do not apply.

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