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Employee Birthday Cards

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Happy Birthday Faces Birthday Card


Give the Card That Delivers Lots of Smiles

Put a company-wide ban on frowns with the Happy Birthday Faces Birthday Card. Fun colors and plenty of good cheer help brighten your employee’s special day.

Sentiment B18: This special occasion requires a fun-filled celebration! Enjoy your day!

as low as $1.03

Happy Birthday Feliz Cumpleanos Spanish Birthday Card


Celebrate employee or customer birthdays in Spanish with this bright and beautiful company birthday card

Your Spanish speaking employees, clients, associates and customers will appreciate receiving a Feliz Cumpleaños from your company.

Keep a supply of custom-imprinted business birthday cards available, so you'll never miss another staff or customer birthday.

Sentiment: Que su cumpleaños sea muy especial y que el año venidero le traiga mucha felicidad.

as low as $1.03

Happy Birthday Gift Card


Birthday Blue Gift Box Card

Send birthday wishes with this elegant card that is designed with a colorful blue and gold birthday gift box. Just like opening a present, this card will bring excitement to the birthday person!

Stock Sentiment: B14 - May your birthday be especially happy and the coming year bring you the best of everything.

as low as $1.37

Happy Birthday on Gifts Card


Give the Gift of a Cheerful Birthday Greeting

Brighten their special day with a playful card featuring colorful gifts piled high and accented with balloons, confetti and a banner.

Sentiment: B15 - May your birthday be the start of a year filled with success and happiness.

as low as $1.03

Happy Birthday Stars and Streamers Birthday Card


Spread a Little Birthday Cheer with This Bright and Eye-Catching Birthday Card

Happy Birthday is printed in script across the front of the card in a double layer of blue and pink ink. Golden stars, pink and blue streamers and pink, blue, red, gold and green balloons dance around the inscription to make this business birthday card special.

Sentiment B2: May your birthday be special and the coming year filled with happiness.

as low as $1.03

It's Your Birthday Balloons Card


Wish Them a Birthday Bursting with Happiness

Brightly colored balloons and a spray of confetti send a cheerful and festive birthday message on their special day.

Sentiment: B10 - Have a wonderful day! May the year ahead be filled with happiness and success.

as low as $1.03

Just Floating Birthday Card


Build and strengthen the one-on-one relationship with those most important to your business by presenting a cheerful birthday card. A row of star-studded bright balloons in green, yellow, purple, red and blue float across the card. Multicolor confetti and a simple red border accent the card's design. In the bottom right corner of the card, "Happy Birthday" is printed in red ink and a serif font.

Sentiment: Best wishes for a wonderful birthday!

as low as $1.37

Metallic Surprises Birthday Card


Recognize Employee Birthdays With a Foil Business Birthday Card

Express your company's birthday wishes for your employee. This glossy card features dots deeply embossed and coated in metallic multicolor foil. The metallic dots arrange into a rectangluar present with birthday icons featured throughout the artwork. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" is centered in a modern font toward the bottom of the present.

Sentiment: Wishing you the best birthday ever!

as low as $1.84

Modern Cupcake Birthday Card


Modern Birthday Card

A playful design makes these Modern Cupcake Birthday Cards a real treat to receive. The swirling graphic adds a whimsical touch to any birthday message.

Inside sentiment: Have a fantastic birthday and fun-filled year ahead.

as low as $1.03

Orange Cupcake Card


A Sweet Treat of a Birthday Card

Featuring a single, frosted cupcake that looks good enough to eat, this card stands out from the others. It’s the perfect way to wish someone at your workplace a delicious birthday (without the added calories!)

Sentiment B16: Our entire team is wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

as low as $1.03

Patterned Flags Birthday Card


Surprise Your Employees with Birthday Wishes

Recognize you employee’s special day with this festive looking birthday card. This design features a brightly colored banner and sprinkles of multicolored confetti on a white background.

Sentiment: B20-Wishing you a birthday filled with joy and a year filled with success.

as low as $1.84

Presents and Confetti Birthday Card


Presents Make Everything Better

Load up happy wishes with this fun birthday card. Presents piled atop one another, faux foil accents, ribbons and confetti are the perfect way to celebrate someone’s special day.

Sentiment: B5 - Enjoy your special day and all the happiness it brings.

as low as $1.03

Rainbow Birthday Card


Happy Birthday Wishes Rainbow

Make an employee’s day with a colorful, celebratory birthday card featuring bright confetti and ribbons.

Sentiment: B7-Have a fantastic birthday and a fun-filled year ahead!

as low as $1.03

Retro Birthday Wishes Card


Glowing Birthday Greetings Are Always in Style

Recognize someone's special day with an artfully designed, retro-inspired card featuring lit candles against a vibrant blue background.

Sentiment: B12 - Many wishes for a wonderful birthday and a happy and rewarding year!

as low as $1.00

Shooting Stars Birthday Card


Recognize Employee Birthdays with a Foil Business Birthday Card

Excite any employee with your sentiments from this business birthday card. A bold navy background serves as the background for vivid star-studded fireworks in dazzling gold and silver foil. "Happy Birthday" in a stylized script, deeply embossed and covered in gold foil, centers the front of the card.

Sentiment: With many best wishes for a wonderful birthday and a happy and rewarding year.

as low as $1.84

Slice of Birthday Cake Card


Happy Birthday Wishes is a Piece of Cake from Personnelly Yours®

Make your employee’s special day one to remember with a greeting card featuring a simple birthday cake.

Sentiment: Have a fantastic birthday and a fun-filled year ahead.

as low as $1.03

Starry Swirls Happy Birthday Card


Make Your Employee Feel Special with this Attractive Business Birthday Card

Happy Birthday is printed in black ink and outlined in a gleaming gold foil against white cardstock. A pattern of transparent "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"messages is printed as the card's background. Elegant whirls in pink, orange, blue, purple,yellow, pink and green decorate the cover and are accented with gold foil.

Sentiment B2: May your birthday be special and the coming year filled with happiness!

as low as $1.84

Streaming Teal Stars Birthday Card


Create a Modern and Sincere Wish for any Professional with this Business Birthday Card

"Happy Birthday" is deeply embossed on the gleaming white cardstock and coated with a foil in gradient shades of teal and blue. Above the inscription, a brilliant large star is embossed in the cardstock and covered the shimmering foil. Small silver stars in silver foil and a stardust in a multitude of colors scatter around the streaming star's path.

Sentiment B19: Wishing a very happy birthday to a very special person.

as low as $1.84

Stylish Patterned Gift Birthday Card


Foil Birthday Card

Some cards let you say ‘Happy Birthday.’ The Stylish Patterned Gift Birthday Cards help you turn it into an event. Sharply modern stripes and patterns with a laid-back side jump off the paper with help from silver foil accents and embossing.

Sentiment B14: May your birthday be especially happy and the coming year bring you the best of everything.

as low as $1.84

Trio of Gifts Birthday Card


Send a Cheerful Birthday Wish Your Employee's Way with this Professional Business Birthday Card

"Happy Birthday" is embossed along the bottom of the textured cardstock and covered in gleaming silver foil. The center of the card features a prominent image of three brightly wrapped birthday presents. Each present is decoratively wrapped in solid colors of blue, red and gold and in different patterns. Detailing, such as present ribbon, confetti and floating balloons are deeply embossed and covered in silver foil.

Sentiment: Wishing you a happy birthday from all of us!

as low as $1.84

Twinkling Happy Birthday Card


Wish your Employees all the Happy Things a Birthday Celebration Brings

Blurred multicolored lights showcase a birthday greeting for employees.

Sentiment: Wishing you all the happy things a birthday celebration brings.

as low as $1.37

Watercolor Balloons Card


PY Watercolor Balloons Card

Make an employee’s day with a celebratory birthday card featuring bright Balloons

Sentiment B20: Wishing you a birthday filled with joy and a year filled with success

as low as $1.03

Birthday Favorites Card Assortment


Show How Much You Value Your Employees With This Festive Assortment of Business Birthday Card.

We've gathered together some of our best sellers to make sure you deliver a birthday card that's guaranteed to be a hit. Each card design features a bright and cheerful birthday image printed in vivid ink against durable cardstock. A traditional birthday greeting is additionally included on each card.


Variety Birthday Card Assortment


Remember Each Employee's Birthday

You'll be sure to remember each employee's birthday this year with this fabulous birthday card assortment.


Celebrations Happy Birthday Card Assortment


Celebrations Happy Birthday Card Assortment

Each card design in the Celebrations Happy Birthday Card Assortment features a cheerful image of traditional birthday paraphenlia, including balloons, streamers, confetti and birthday presents. All cards are printed in brilliant ink on durable cardstock.


Premium Foil Celebrations Birthday Card Assortment


Celebrate Employee Birthdays All Year Long When You Purchase this Cheerful Birthday Card Assortment

The assortment of ten designs contains festive birthday images printed in bright, vivid ink and accented in metallic foil. The traditional "Happy Birthday" greeting is included on the cover of each card.


Birthday Party Card Assortment


Birthday Party Card Assortment

The Birthday Party Card Assortment gives you ten designs featuring stylish illustrations, metallic foil and festive greetings so you always have the perfect birthday card.


Balloons and Streamers Birthday Card Assortment


Show How Much You Value Your Employees when You Purchase with this Festive Assortment for a Calendar Year Full of Birthdays.

Each of the ten card designs includes vivid balloons and swirling streamers to create a streamlined message for all team members during the year. Bright illustrations, deep embossing, gold foil detail and cheerful birthday messages make this the perfect card package for employee birthdays.


Festive Birthday Card Assortment


Affordable and Unique Business Birthday Greeting Cards

Help retain your best employees, promote job satisfaction and strengthen morale with our affordable and unique business birthday greeting cards in the Festive Birthday Card Assortment. These small investments you make in personal recognition and appreciation will be more than repaid with increased loyalty and productivity.


Premium All-Occasion Card Assortment


Share Their Special Moments with Elegant Foil Greeting Cards

We’ve put together this value-packed, shimmering foil assortment based on how our customers told us they really used their cards. Be ready for any occasion!



Budget All-Occasion Assortment


This Batch of Assorted Greeting Cards Covers Almost Any Work Event

Instead of having the right greeting card for just one event, get the collection that keeps you ready for any event! This assortment of all occasion cards makes celebrating any of your team members’ special moments easy and convenient.


Extend a thoughtful gesture to every individual in your business with a personalized employee birthday card. Calling attention to their special day will surely bring a smile to their face, as well as leave a lasting impression. Corporate cards from HRdirect feature attractive graphics and heartfelt sentiments (or available blank, if you prefer).  While you’re taking the time to recognize employee birthdays, be sure to acknowledge other important workplace milestones with employee anniversary cards.

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