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Picture of Workplace Harassment Training Smart App

Workplace Harassment Training Smart App

With workplace harassment claims dominating the headlines, every business needs to take harassment prevention training seriously.

The Harassment Training Smart App makes it simple and affordable to provide effective, attorney‑approved training for employees and managers.

 Workplace Harassment Training Smart App Only $129/year Up to 75 employees

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Main Features

Attorney Approved Training You Can Trust

Attorney‑Approved Training You Can Trust

It's important to deliver a clear message that your business is a welcoming, harassment‑free environment. Training plays a key role with this. Accompanied by audio and visuals, each training module is about 10‑20 minutes. Employees and managers will learn how to recognize and successfully navigate difficult situations through six modules:

  • Understanding Harassment
  • Examples of Prohibited Harassment
  • Special Considerations for Sexual Harassment
  • Your Responsibility and Reporting
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Additional Manager Obligations
 Protect Your Business with Effortless Recordkeeping

Protect Your Business with Effortless Recordkeeping

While you can’t control all your employees’ actions, you can protect your small business with proper documentation and compliance measures. Should new compliance regulations impact your business in the future, you'll be notified when the content is updated so you can communicate new training requirements to your team.

 Flexible Program – Choose Self-Guided or Group Training

Flexible Program – Choose Self-Guided or Group Training

Choose the format that works best for your business: self-paced individual training that can be completed anywhere, any time or traditional group training. Regardless of the format, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Administration and documentation is easy and automated, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

How It Works

 Add Your Employees

Add Your Employees

Adding employees takes just a few minutes if you're new to Smart Apps. For current customers, be sure you've granted your employees self‑service access and you are ready to go!

 Choose and Assign Training Modules

Choose and Assign Training Modules

Easily select from six different training modules. In just a few clicks, you can also pick which employees should complete a module. They will receive an automatic email with step‑by‑step instructions.

 Administer Self‑Guided or Group Training

Administer Self‑Guided or Group Training

You have the option to administer individual, self‑guided training or to host group training. To complete each training module, assignees must answer a few multiple‑choice review questions. Correct responses are acknowledged right away, and incorrect ones include explanation.

 Track Completion Dates

Track Completion Dates

Easily monitor and track which employees completed training and when. A simple, at‑a‑glance grid shows training status and the completion date. This provides solid documentation that you've done your part to conduct prevention training.

Why Choose Smart Apps?

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