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With Our Deepest Sympathy Card


Deepest Sympathy Card

Even on sad occasions, your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness with these tasteful expressions of sympathy. Personally Yours® All-Occasion Cards are created by our talented artists. Each of these colorful, personal-size cards are affordably priced and designed to help you reach out to employees or customers in good times and bad.

as low as $0.81

Birthday Party Card Assortment


Birthday Party Card Assortment

The Birthday Party Card Assortment gives you ten designs featuring stylish illustrations, metallic foil and festive greetings so you always have the perfect birthday card.

Lily Pads Sympathy Card


Lily Pads Sympathy Card

Reach out to employees or clients in life's difficult moments

as low as $0.81

Personalized Birthday Party Card Assortment


Give birthdays an extra, personal touch

The ten designs in the Personalized Birthday Party Card Assortment start off bold and stylish but carry extra impact with your customized message inside.


Balloons and Streamers Birthday Card Assortment


Show How Much You Value Your Employees when You Purchase with this Festive Assortment for a Calendar Year Full of Birthdays.

Each of the ten card designs includes vivid balloons and swirling streamers to create a streamlined message for all team members during the year. Bright illustrations, deep embossing, gold foil detail and cheerful birthday messages make this the perfect card package for employee birthdays.


Sincere Sympathy Card


Sincere Sympathy Card

The Sincere Sympathy Card Offers Quiet Sophistication

as low as $1.17

Personalized Balloons and Streamers Birthday Card Assortment


WPG Personalized Balloons and Streamers Birthday Card Assortment

Make an employee’s day with a celebratory Balloons and Streamers Birthday Card Assortment


With Sympathy Flowers Sympathy Card


Extend Your Deepest Sympathy Wishes With This Appropriate and Elegant Business Sympathy Card

Our large, foil-embossed Workplace Greetings® All-Occasion Cards always make a lasting impression, no matter what the occasion. The gleaming gold and silver foil accents and elegant matching foil-lined envelopes add an expensive “card shop” appeal that your recipients will definitely appreciate!

as low as $1.17

Birthday Card Assortment


Keep Up Company Cheer for a Calendar Year Full of Birthdays with this Colorful Assortment of Foil Business Birthday Cards.

Stylized and elegant images grace every card to match each employee's personality. The assortment of 20 designs contains bright and contemporary artwork, gleaming foil detail and festive birthday messages to make each employee feel special.


Woodgrain Sympathy Card


Send Condolences With Business Greeting Cards

Deliver a heartfelt message to your employees during a difficult time with gold-foiled flowers surrounding a message of support.

as low as $1.17

Plume Sympathy Card


Plume Sympathy Card

Send your sincere condolences with a Workplace Greetings® Business Greeting Card

as low as $1.17

Calla Lilies Deepest Sympathy Card


Send Your Sincere Condolences with a  Workplace Greetings®<  Sympathy Card

A Sympathy Card is a perfect way to show your employees your concern during a difficult time. This black card with three Calla lilies displays "Deepest Sympathy" in delicate white script on the front.

as low as $1.17

Deluxe Foil Birthday Card Assortment


Expand the Variety of Employee Birthday Cards You May Need this Year with this Deluxe Assortment.

Each card includes embossing and elegant foil detail to add a sophisticated touch. Present one of twenty rich designs to colleagues and co-workers to establish rapport and keep up morale on his or her special day.


Way 2 Go! Mini Recognition Note Card


Way 2 Go Mini Note Cards

Way 2 Go Mini Note Cards to give employees encouragement — and a smile. Using tech-inspired expressions, these note cards are a fun way to acknowledge somebody’s effort and offer some spur-of-the-moment motivation.
as low as $25.99

Vivid Mini Note Card


Mini Recognition Note Cards

Little gestures can mean a lot, especially in a busy workplace. To show you appreciate a job well done or reward a notable achievement, our Mini Recognition Note Cards are the perfect solution

as low as $25.99

Whimsical Mini Note Card


Give Employee Recognition Instantly - With a Personal Note

Little gestures can mean a lot, especially in a busy workplace. To show you appreciate a job well done or reward a notable achievement, our Mini Recognition Note Cards are the perfect solution

as low as $25.99

Corporate Mini Note Card


Corporate Mini Note Cards

Little gestures can mean a lot, especially in a busy workplace. To show you appreciate a job well done or reward a notable achievement, our Mini Recognition Note Cards are the perfect solution

as low as $25.99

Glitzy Mini Recognition Note Card


Glitzy Mini Recognition Note Cards

Give Stylish Mini Note Cards with Big Impact

as low as $25.99

Iconic Mini Recognition Note Card


Iconic Mini Recognition Note Cards

Classic mini note cards to encourage
as low as $25.99

Snazzy Mini Note Card


Snazzy Mini Note Cards

Give employee recognition instantly - with a personal note

as low as $25.99

Birthday Treasure Card Assortment - Web Special


Add a Special Touch to an Employee's Birthday

Add extra enjoyment to each employee birthday - and save some money in the process! Get this colorful, varied selection of business birthday cards at 60% off! The variety of this value-priced assortment makes your job easier - it’s like having a card shop right in your desk drawer!

List price includes discount.


Clearance Birthday Card Assortment


Be Ready to Honor an Employee’s Birthday at a Moment’s Notice - and Affordably - with the Workplace Greetings® Birthday Clearance Assortment.

This festive, value-priced assortment lets you keep a variety of cards available so you don’t have to scramble for an overpriced card at the last minute. This greeting cards assortment is a surprisingly affordable way to recognize employees and show your appreciation. List price includes discount.

Humorous Co-Worker Great Job! Card


Encouragement that Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously

These Humorous Co-Worker Great Job! Cards go way beyond a simple pat on the back. Offer congratulations with a smile that won’t soon be forgotten.

as low as $0.72

You are Awesome! Humorous Thank You Card


Humorous Thank You Card

Giving employees You are Awesome! Humorous Thank You Cards makes it crystal clear that you appreciate them. These are a fun way to motivate by making people feel valued.

as low as $0.72

Cheerful Employee Welcome Card


Cheerful Employee Welcome Cards

Make employee motivation easy with our colorful Personally Yours® greeting cards Make a good, professional impression of your business to clients, co-workers and customers. Spread cheer when the occasion calls for it.

as low as $0.72

Elegant Appreciation Thank You Card


An Elegant Expression of Thanks for Employees and Customers

Say thank you to customers, clients or employees with an elegant classic business thank you card. This beautiful thank you card is perfect for expressing your appreciation to the people and businesses that keep your company thriving. Keep them available for those moments when only a written message of thanks will do.

as low as $0.72