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Provide the Latest, Legally Required Notices with the Mandatory Employee Handout Service

Displaying up-to-date labor law posters in the workplace is critical. But did you know all U.S. employers must also distribute handouts informing employees of their rights and responsibilities under various employment laws? These notices vary among states, cities and counties, and they change frequently based on specific laws and triggering circumstances.

The Mandatory Employee Handout Service provides easy, online access to the latest notifications necessary for your business, depending on location, employee size and workplace events. Plus, you can choose between two levels to best meet your budget and service needs.


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Choose the Best Service Option for Your Business

Employee notices are required in all 50 states, but you have a choice in how you meet this evolving obligation. The Mandatory Employee Handout Service is available with two tiers of coverage:

Choose the Best Service Option for Your Business

BE AWARE: Employee notices are NOT optional, and you may incur fines and penalties for failing to distribute them.

Basic Handout Service: This service is ideal for businesses in an area without county or city requirements, who operate with 50 or less employees, and who do not experience frequent leave requests, terminations, injuries or payroll status changes. It includes all the general notices required for existing employees and new hires.

Premium Handout Service: This service is designed for businesses with 50 or more employees, and those operating in areas with county or city notice requirements. It includes all the general notices required for existing employees and new hires, and additional notices for triggering circumstances such as leave requests, pregnancy, injuries, benefits eligibility, payroll status changes, terminations and more.

Both options provide 12 months of convenient, online access to a dedicated site for easy download of notices at any time. You can be confident that notices are always up to date, due to continual monitoring of legislative changes by our expert legal team.

Here Is What You Get with Each Service:

$129 $99
$279 $249
Federal and State Handouts
Handouts for new hires/onboarding
Federal & State Level Only:
No triggered events

Federal, State, County
& City Levels
Handouts for businesses with fewer than 50 employees
Federal & State Level Only

Federal, State, County
& City Levels
Foreign-language translations when required
12 months of legal monitoring and updating
Email notifications of mandatory changes
Attorney written instructions for each handout
Unlimited access to an online portal with unlimited users
City and County Handouts  
Handouts for businesses with more than 50 employees  
Federal, State, County
& City Levels
"Handouts covering 'triggered events'
(injury, leave, change in pay, benefits, layoffs and separation)"
Federal, State, County
& City Levels
Basic Service
Premium Service

Check How Many Handouts Are Required by State

Alabama 27
Alaska 26
Arizona 37
Arkansas 26
California 99
Colorado 33
Connecticut 37
Delaware 35
District of Columbia 39
Florida 29
Georgia 27
Hawaii 32
Idaho 26
Illinois 44
Indiana 27
Iowa 32
Kansas 26
Kentucky 30
Louisiana 29
Maine 27
Maryland 36
Massachusetts 39
Michigan 28
Minnesota 42
Mississippi 26
Missouri 29
Montana 26
Nebraska 28
Nevada 32
New Hampshire 33
New Jersey 37
New Mexico 27
New York 71
North Carolina 27
North Dakota 26
Ohio 28
Oklahoma 28
Oregon 37
Pennsylvania 37
Puerto Rico 25
Rhode Island 28
South Carolina 30
South Dakota 26
Tennessee 25
Texas 39
Utah 33
Vermont 28
Virginia 26
Washington 30
West Virginia 27
Wisconsin 30
Wyoming 26

*These numbers include notices at the federal, state, county and city levels, as well as those based on specific workplace events and foreign-language versions if applicable.

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