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Employee Paperwork Is a Drag – Make Peace with This Tedious Task

Maintaining employee papers and files is monotonous “busy work”. It eats up time that could be spent on other important tasks. It’s time to put paper in the past!

Try the FREE web-based Employee Records App and see for yourself how easy recordkeeping can be.

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Employee Records - Smart App

Employee Records



Reduce Piles of Paper and Filing Cabinet Clutter with a Single Online App

Old Way

Smart Way

Instantly Access Employee Information

All your employee information is stored in one central database that can be accessed any time, anywhere, and from any device. Once you are logged in, the user-friendly dashboard along with filtering, sorting and search capability, helps you find the information you need quickly.

Securely Store Employee Information

All employee and account information is password-protected and encrypted using the highest encryption standard available. Plus, all data is routed through impenetrable firewalls to prevent outside threats. Data stored includes: basic employee information, contact details (including emergency contact details), job details, and notes.


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Instantly Access Employee Information

Our goal on designing HRdirect Smart Apps is to put you in control of employee management information and processes at a pace and cost that fit your business. We developed the Employee Records App simply to help you get started. It’s a free, core application where any employee data or forms you’ve entered or uploaded can be viewed, printed or downloaded for use across your business and across other HRdirect Smart Apps.

You can use it now to organize key employee data and enjoy easy online access, at no cost and with no obligation. And if you choose to sign up for other Smart Apps going forward, all your data will be accessible and in synch across applications.

With the Employee Records App, we give you the easiest way to maintain accurate, up-to-date and accessible employee information for your business needs today. And it’s free because we believe that you’ll find our growing selection of HRdirect Smart Apps valuable and affordable as your needs grow or shift in the future.

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HRdirect Smart Apps Benefits

Compliance You Can Trust

Compliance You Can Trust

Legal compliance is not only our priority, it’s our passion. Our in-house attorneys, legal researchers and HR experts act as employer advocates to provide products and services that meet current compliance requirements. You can always be confident that your Smart Apps are up to date and 100% compliant.

3 Levels of Security

3 Levels of Security

We employ the most current and sophisticated security measures so you can be confident your information remains confidential.

Find out what makes our service safe and secure for your business.

Free Employee Records App

Free Employee Records App

With every app purchase, you get the Employee Records App FREE. This app allows you to connect to your most used employee data instantly. All data is shared seamlessly between all your Smart Apps.

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Fits Your Budget

Fits Your Budget

Pay just $90 a year – a price that will fit your budget

Plus, Smart Apps are web-based so there’s no install to deal with and you will be able to access your information anywhere you have an internet connection.

Smart App purchases are non-refundable.