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Poster Guard Compliance Protection Guaranteed By ComplyRight

Choose Poster Guard® Compliance Protection

And Never Worry About Labor Law Posting Changes Again

Choose Poster Guard® Compliance Protection And Never Worry About Labor Law Posting Changes Again

100% Guaranteed Compliance with Federal, State and Local Posting Regulations

Poster Guard Compliance Protection keeps you in guaranteed posting compliance year-round for one low annual fee.

Here's how it works:

You Enroll

You Enroll

We send you a complete, up-to-date federal, state and local poster set right away

We Monitor

We Monitor

And ship you a replacement poster automatically, free of charge, every time a mandatory change occurs over the next 12 months.

We Guarantee

We Guarantee

Our posters are 100% compliant with all federal, state and local regulations — or we pay the fine, no matter how big

Enroll today and save $30

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What Makes Poster Guard Different?


Labor law posting compliance gets more complex every day. Thanks to an ever-growing number of labor laws, many employers have posting requirements that extend well beyond the standard federal and state posters. Whether you have specific needs for your industry, are a federal contractor, have remote workers or have special language requirements, we have the solutions to keep you in full compliance.

Legal Team

Our expert team of attorneys and legal researchers continually monitors labor law posting regulations issued by more than 22,000 federal, state and local agencies. They use sophisticated research tools and insider contacts to stay abreast of regulatory activity.

When a posting law changes, their goal is to find it first, decipher it quickly, and get you back into full compliance right away.


Poster Guard Compliance Protection sets the standard for service in our industry. It starts with detailed communication. As a Poster Guard customer, you'll get timely email alerts about each labor law update that affects you, when a posting requirement changes, and when your updated poster has shipped.

Easily manage multiple locations through our self-service website. Whether you need to review recent posting changes, add/delete or update locations, or audit compliance at each location, you are in control. And of course, our experienced customer service team is always on hand to assist via phone or email.


Poster Guard Compliance Protection is backed by our 100% Compliance Guarantee. We're so confident in our research and processes that we will pay any labor law posting fine that results from inaccurate postings, no matter the amount.

We also guarantee delivery of your mandatory replacement posters within 22 business days from the time the labor law poster update is announced. In fact, our average processing time is only 11 days – so you can be confident in your posting compliance all year round.

Enroll today and save $30

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