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When can you intervene regarding an employee’s outside behavior? In most cases, it’s best to make decisions based on how the conduct impacts the business and the employee’s ability to do his or her job. Always avoid knee-jerk...READ MORE
Did you know that all states except Montana are ‘at will’ states? This means employers can terminate the employment relationship at any time – with or without notice and with or without a reason. That fact withstanding, firing an...READ MORE
Done right, performance reviews can help employees improve and drive your company toward greater success. But if handled poorly, they can have harmful effects on morale and motivation. So how can you achieve a good balance and...READ MORE
An individual’s hair is a very personal matter and, increasingly, a protected characteristic in the workplace. Nationwide, states are tackling the issue head-on and passing laws banning race-based hair discrimination in the workplace...READ MORE
‘Quiet hiring’ is the latest buzzword among business owners and HR professionals. But why is it a growing phenomenon — and how is it shaping workforces today? It may be a catchy phrase for the times we’re in, but the concept of...READ MORE