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Attendance Tracking Solutions

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Managing within the Law: Family, Medical and Other Protected Leave Laws Training Course


HRdirect has partnered with Clear Law Institute to offer special online training focused on how to comply with certain types of leave laws. Employers face an increasing number of lawsuits for failing to comply with the requirements of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and comparable state and local laws. The COVID-19 pandemic has also resulted in further expansion of family, medical and other protected leave laws and increased employers’ risk of non-compliance.

While employees cannot be expected to become experts in the nuances of these laws, they must know enough to be able to spot issues and seek guidance from HR. Managers, in particular, must fully understand the steps they must take to comply. See more details...

Pricing shown below is per seat/employee and requires an annual renewal.

This product is non-refundable and is not eligible for discounts.

as low as $20.00

Academic Year Employee Attendance Calendar


Record Attendance Easily With An Academic Year Attendance Calendar

With its simple, concise design, the Academic Year Attendance Calendar™ makes tracking attendance easy, especially for teachers and administrators. Recording absences and tardiness with the simple coding system offers an instant view of the whole year.

The Academic Year Attendance Calendar makes it easy to track reasons for absences, disciplinary action and any related discussion and follow-up steps you take regarding attendance throughout the academic year. See more details...


Fill-and-Save™ Academic Year Employee Attendance Calendar


Starting in August and ending in July, the Fill-and-Save Academic Year Attendance Calendar™ makes tracking attendance easy, especially for teachers and administrators. Recording absences and tardiness with the simple coding system makes troubling attendance patterns stand out.

Fill-and-Save™ technology allows you to fill out the calendar electronically (and email if necessary). Completed calendars can be stored electronically as PDFs or printed out for paper recordkeeping. See more details...

This product is a downloadable file. A link will be provided in your Order Confirmation email after checkout.


Time Off Request Smart App


There are many ways employees can ask for time off … emails, texts, sticky notes. However, your business only needs one way to handle these requests.

The web-based Time Off Request Smart App offers a consistent system that simplifies the entire request-and-approval process.

 Time Off Request Smart App Only $99/year Up to 75 employees



1.5" Attendance Calendar Binder


Keep Attendance Calendar Cards Organized and Secure

The durable 1.5", three-ring Attendance Calendar™ Binder holds up to 100 attendance cards and is designed for use with Attendance Calendar™ cards creating an efficient, consolidated system to keep employee attendance information safe and organized.


3" Attendance Calendar Binder


Organize Your Employee Attendance Calendars with a Convenient Binder

The large three-ring Attendance Calendar binder was designed specifically for use with Attendance Calendar cards. The binder holds up to 200 attendance cards, keeping them organized and in one central location.


Schedule Publisher Smart App


If you currently use a paper scheduling system, you understand the challenges presented by employees forgetting about their shifts, organizing employee availability and employee‑supervisor miscommunication — you're usually back to square one.

This web‑based app allows you to plan and publish weekly schedules as well as set employee availability and then notify employees via email with their shifts.

 Schedule Publisher Smart App Only $99/year Up to 75 employees



Small 2-Part Absence Report Form


Capture the Important Details of an Absence

Employees who abuse your time-off policy not only affect productivity but may also hurt morale. Giving them written notice sends a clear message-when it comes to attendance, you mean business. Our compact two-part carbonless Employee Absence Report is an effective way to document absences and let your employees know that your time-off policy will be enforced. See more details...


3-Part Absence Report Form


Enforce Your Time-Off Policy and Take Care of Attendance Issues With Proper Documentation

Employees who abuse your time-off policy not only affect productivity but may also hurt morale. Giving them written notice sends a clear message - when it comes to attendance, you mean business. Our carbonless Employee Attendance Warning Form is an effective way to document absences and let your employees know that your time-off policy is ready to be enforced. See more details...


Full Vacation Schedule (36" x 24")


Employee Vacation Scheduling Just Got Easier

You’ll never be limited due to overlapping employee vacations when you use the Employee Vacation Schedule Calendar. Track vacations and time off for a full year for up to 31 employees. The laminated, write-on/wipe-off surface makes it easy to make updates. See more details...


Yearly Vacation Planner (36" x 24")


Employee Vacation Calendar

With this convenient dry-erase vacation tracker you can see a full year's vacation plans for your employees. No more wondering whether there's too much overlap in employee vacation requests. A quick glance and you can spot any vacation conflicts for an entire year. The 36" x 24" size means the employee vacation tracker will fit in any office while still allowing you plenty of room to note requests holidays and other factors. See more details...


Minimag USB Reader


Make Using Your Time Clock and Attendance Tracking Software Easier

These time clock accessories provide Gradience TimeClock and Attendance tracking software with even greater capabilities. The Mag Stripe Card Reader plugs into a PC USB port and reads employee ID cards with a single swipe.


ID Badge Kit


Create professional quality photo ID badges on your PC

ID Badge Kit creates 25 professional ID badges with pre-coded magnetic strip that are compatible with the TimeClock Remote.

A to Z Divider Tabs


Organize Employee Attendance Records With A to Z Divider Tabs

Organize your employee attendance records with A to Z Divider Tabs. The 26 colored tabs work great in our attendance calendar binders to organize the calendars alphabetically so that you can quickly access them when necessary.

Binder sold separately


Attendance Advisor


Help Managers to Respond to all Attendance Issues

When used with the top-selling Employee Attendance Calendar, the ComplyRight™ Attendance Advisor™ provides a complete system for managers and supervisors to track attendance and respond to absences. After logging absence reasons on the Attendance Calendar, simply refer to this innovative tool for an explanation of the legal red flags and next steps to take, including documentation.

Attendance Record Organizer Folder


Attendance Folder For Your Employee Record Organizer System

This folder not only organizes your employee attendance paperwork - it actually helps simplify it - by capturing important information on the folder itself. Use alone or with the ComplyRight™ Employee Record Organizer (A3101) for the perfect all-in-one record filing solution.See more details...


Employee attendance tracking is a critical responsibility of any conscientious business owner. With a firm handle on employee attendance, scheduled hours, time off and FMLA leave, you’ll be in better control of staffing, productivity and payroll dollars. Plus, you can choose the tools that work best for your business -- from calendars, forms and employee folders to time clock software and sophisticated enterprise software.

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