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The Next Generation of HR Forms Is Here

Ease into an Electronic Process with HR Form Libraries

Introducing Fill-and-Save™ HR Form Libraries: Targeted collections of HR forms that can be routed, completed and stored electronically. Each Form Library focuses on a critical HR function and provides 12 months of unlimited access to forms to support:

  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Attendance & Time Tracking
  • Performance Management
  • FMLA Administration
  • OSHA & Safety
Only $99 gives you unlimited access to each Form Library of 10+ forms for a full year (a $129 value)

Facilitate end-to-end electronic workflows for common HR processes without the hassle of a complex HRIS software system.

Hiring & Onboarding

Forms include:
  • Job Applications
  • Interview Evaluation
  • Direct Deposit
    plus 8 more forms

Attendance & Time Tracking

Forms include:
  • Attendance Calendar
  • Time-Off Request
  • Payroll Status Change Notice
    plus 8 more forms

Performance Management

Forms include:
  • Employee Performance Review
  • Employee Self-Review
  • Employee Warning Notice
    plus 8 more forms

FMLA Administration

Forms include:
  • FMLA Administration Checklist
  • FMLA General Employee Notice
  • FMLA Leave Tracker
    plus 7 more forms

OSHA & Safety

Forms include:
  • OSHA Form 300
  • OSHA Form 301
  • Workplace Injury/Ilness Report
    plus more
All Form Libraries Are:
COMPREHENSIVE Each library comes with all the forms you need to gather employee/applicant information, establish a consistent process, and maintain proper documentation for employee recordkeeping.
EASY TO USE Each PDF form is built with Fill-and-Save™ technology, which means you can type directly into the open fields, route and save electronically.
100% COMPLIANT – GUARANTEED* All forms are attorney reviewed and approved. Federal and state laws are continuously monitored to ensure all forms are always up-to-date when accessed through the library.
DEVELOPED WITH HR EXPERTISE Each form comes with a tip sheet offering valuable guidance and best practices from HR experts.
ALWAYS AVAILABLE The forms you need are always at your fingertips – accessible 24/7 from anywhere you have internet access. Plus, you have an unlimited number of downloads. Never worry about running out of paper forms again.
PERFECT FOR ONSITE & OFFSITE EMPLOYEES With more and more employees working remotely, this is a must-have solution. Easily send requests and approvals from anywhere…and forms are easily saved to your desktop.

See for Yourself How Easy It is to Use:

Get 12 months of unlimited access to 10 or more HR Forms for just $99 (a $129 value)

Your 12-month subscription includes legal monitoring and automatic updates to ensure your library remains 100% compliant throughout the year. Terms of Use

Learn more about Fill-and-Save™ HR Form Libraries today:

*Money-Back Guarantee: Forms accessed directly through ComplyRight Forms Libraries are guaranteed to comply with current federal and state (where applicable) employment laws at the point of download. If a form is found to be out of compliance, please notify us immediately with the name of the form and the date/time of download, and we will refund your annual subscription fee.