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Inspection Skills Test


Test Inspection Skills Before you Hire

When quality counts, you need employees with excellent inspection skills. The Inspection Skills Test consists of 10 problems that measure how quickly and accurately applicants can identify defects in work-related objects.

Download the manual for all SkillSeries™ tests.

as low as $7.40

Customer Service Skills Online Test


Evaluate Sales and Service Skills with Pre-Employment Testing

The Customer Service Aptitude employment screening test accurately predicts an applicant’s abilities in the critical areas of customer care by looking at a variety of indicators, including sociability, helping disposition, drive to achieve, teamwork, punctuality and pride in the quality of work.

as low as $13.75

Workplace Math Skills Online Test


Assess Job Applicants' Math Skills Before you Hire

Our Math Skills Test contains 20 basic math problems, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages.

as low as $7.40

Mechanical Ability Online Test


Hire the Most Productive, Safety-Conscious Workers

If you're looking to fill a position that involves mechanical or equipment repair, general building maintenance, knowledge of tools and/or general mechanical concepts, you can't afford to hire an unskilled or unsafe employee. Not only is an unskilled employee a drain on productivity, but he or she can quickly drive up your workers' comp rates with unsafe work practices

The Mechanical Ability Test (MAT) provides a reliable and objective measure of an individual's knowledge of general mechanical concepts. These include use of tools, reading rulers and gauges, proper lifting techniques, mechanical movements, assembly and electrical concepts.

as low as $15.25

Logic & Reasoning Online Test


Screen Applicants for Logic and Reasoning Aptitude

The ability to apply logic and sound reasoning skills to workplace problems is essential to many jobs. But are you sure the people you’re hiring have the logic skills you need? This pre-employment screening test can give you the answers you need.

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as low as $7.40

Sales Skills Online Test


Accurately Predict Potential Sales Performance with Pre-Employment Testing

The Sales Success Predictor employment screening test helps identify individuals who are proficient at dealing with objections, closing the sale and understanding customer behavior.

as low as $13.75

Health Care Employee Online Test


Keep Compassion in Healthcare with the Right Service Personnel

Our Service Ability Inventory for the Healthcare Industry measures an individual’s ability to provide excellent service in the healthcare environment, and consistently display traits that are critical to high-quality healthcare, such as sensitive patient care, interpersonal skills, patience, a helping disposition, and the ability to be a team player, even under stressful conditions.

as low as $14.49

Analytical Skills Online Test


Find Out an Applicant's Analytical Skills are Before you Hire

The SkillSeries™ Analyzing Test requires applicants to read and interpret information that is presented to them in the format of two simulated spreadsheets, allowing you to screen applicants for jobs that involve preparing, reading and/or interpreting information presented in table or spreadsheet format.

Download the manual for all SkillSeries™ tests.

as low as $7.40

Proofreading Skills Online Test


Screen Applicants for Proofreading Before you Hire

The SkillSeries™ Proofreading Test is presented to applicants in the form of a brief business letter that contains 20 errors in spelling grammar and punctuation. Applicants are asked to circle each of the errors.

Download the manual for all SkillSeries™ tests.

as low as $7.40

Retail Skills Online Test


Employee Personality Test Measures Potential in the Retail Industry 

The Retail Skills Test is an employee personality test and employment skills test in one comprehensive assessment, enabling you to identify reliable and trustworthy applicants who have the skills needed to make correct change, calculate discounts, match model numbers to display units and treat your customers with care and consideration.

as low as $18.25

Supervisor Skills Online Test


Test Before Placing Anyone in a Management Role

Managers and supervisors play important roles in any company, so it’s critical that you choose wisely. Before you make a decision, test potential new hires or promotion candidates with the new Supervisory Skills Inventory (SSI).

as low as $9.99

Applicant Potential Test


Hire the Best Candidate by Measuring Potential

A professionally created pre-employment applicant test can mean the difference between hiring an applicant who sounds good and hiring one who can do the job. The Applicant Potential Test (APT), one of our most popular job aptitude tests, accurately and objectively identifies effective problem solvers, top performers and quick learners while eliminating those who lack the thinking skills needed to do the job right.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $15.25

Applicant Risk Profiler Test


Identify Potential Hiring Risks

The Applicant Risk Profiler employee personality test is a validated applicant testing tool that will identify potential risks, giving you the information you need to make a wise hiring decision.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $18.25

Can-Do Attitude Test


Discover if Candidates have a Positive, "Can-Do" Attitude

The attitude of your employees is as critical to the success of your business as the quality of your products. Positive employee morale promotes a better working environment, increases customer loyalty, and is repeatedly ranked as the most desirable trait by employers nationwide. The “Can-Do” Attitude employee personality test was developed as a simple and accurate way to identify valuable employees who will go the extra mile at work - with smiles on their faces.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $15.25

Clerical Skills Test


Clerical Skills Test Measures Writing, Math and Reading Skills

Studies by the American Management Association indicate that more than a third of job applicants tested lacked sufficient reading and mathematical skills to perform the jobs they sought. That’s why it is so important to use an employment skills test to measure the ability of your employees to read instructions, write and analyze reports, and calculations.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $15.25

Filing Skills Online Test


Find Out what their Filing Skills are Before you Hire

The Filing Skills Test consists of 20 problems that measure how rapidly and accurately a job applicant can sort out information in order to to file names and dates accurately.

as low as $7.40