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EZ Split Drug Test


Drug testing is a must - Now you can get fast, accurate results without risk of exposure to the specimen!

Whatever your reason for drug testing, whether it’s to avoid risky hires, abide by DOT regulations, enhance workplace safety and security, or comply with federal contract mandates, HRdirect offers a fast, affordable way to test for drugs.

In less than five minutes, the EZ Split® Drug Test will give you laboratory-accurate drug test results without dipping, tilting, pouring, or mixing! It automatically splits samples into two parts, for original and lab-verified results.

  • Oval shape front and squared back make it easier to use for both women and men
  • Results in five minutes or less
  • Includes integrated temperature strip for specimen integrity
  • No exposure to specimens
  • Totally self-contained drug test
  • Unique privacy label keeps the results confidential
  • 5 Panel Configuration: Test for marijuana, cocaine, opiates (heroin), amphetamine and PCP

Product Specifications:

  • Test available in 5- panel configuration only
  • 5-test minimum
  • Please note that drug and alcohol tests are non-returnable