Priority Number

Emergency Numbers Poster


Safety posters ensure that your preparedness plan includes fast access to critical emergency information!

If an emergency strikes, will every employee in your company know what to do? Will they know whom to call? The location of the nearest first aid kit? The names of staff members who are trained in CPR and other lifesaving techniques? You’ll be able to answer “yes” to all of these questions simply by placing G.Neil®’s Emergency Numbers Posters throughout your place of business.

This laminated safety poster puts critical information at everyone’s fingertips! When seconds count, this handy reference will ensure that not a single moment is wasted. It’s an essential step to take in creating an effective emergency preparedness plan!

Perfectly sized to hang next to every office telephone and in high-traffic areas, the dry-erase surface has ample space to write in and edit your all-important numbers, locations of first aid kits, and other safety information as it changes.

  • Safety posters provide emergency information at a glance!
  • Handy size (8 1/2” x 14”) will fit in most display areas
  • Laminated

G1591B, G1591C, G1590B