Health and Safety

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Back Health Exercises Poster


The Back Health & Exercises Poster covers topics such as:

  •      •S houlder Shrugs
  •      • Spinal Twist
  •      • Back/Side Stretch
  •      • Butterfly Back Stretch
  •      • Chest Stretch

Flu Prevention Poster


Help Prevent the Spread of Flu at your Company

With the media focused on the most recent flu outbreak, preventing contagious illnesses at work has become more important than ever. Whether it's the swine flu or a common cold, this poster will help employees take steps to avoid contracting or spreading illness-causing germs.



Hand Washing Poster


Make sure employees use the proper technique to stop the spread of dangerous infections

To be effective in combating the transmission of disease-causing organisms, workplace hand-washing first must be done and second must be done correctly. It’s especially vital for companies in the food-service, healthcare and related industries, and even in factory environments, where the spread of disease can be devastating. Help to give your employees the tools they need for proper hygiene - a simple “wash hands” sign is not enough!

Our poster visually demonstrates the proper recommended techniques for safety-enhancing hand cleansing, and offers additional tips about when and how employees should wash their hands. Hang it in restrooms, sink areas, breakrooms - anywhere your employees can take advantage of the useful and important information the poster conveys.

as low as $7.99

Lifesaving Poster Set


Safety and First Aid Posters Provide Lifesaving Information - Instantly!

These eye-catching, laminated, 18" x 24" posters provide your employees immediate access to the most current safety procedures and information. They illustrate techniques that can shave seconds off a life-sustaining procedure, and provide critical information in an emergency. Post them today and help prevent tragic accidents; and maybe even save lives.


Lifting Safely at Work Poster


Prevent common workplace injuries

This essential workplace safety poster uses short explanations and powerful visuals to draw attention to safety practices that can keep your employees healthy and your workers' compensation rates down.

To prevent accidents and on-the-job injuries, post it in break rooms and other high-traffic areas where it can serve as a constant safety reminder!


Slips, Trips & Falls Safety Poster


Remind Employees of Workplace Safety Practices

Slips, trips and falls result in more than 200,000 disabling workplace injuries each year, and can result in staggering workers’ comp claims. The causes of accidents can range from unsteady ladders to spills that aren’t immediately mopped up or properly marked.

Display this colorful poster to raise your employees’ awareness of the most common causes of slips, trips and falls - and the simple but smart things they can do to contribute to overall workplace safety. This safety poster reminds employees to be continually aware of their surroundings. It also provides a list of do’s and don’ts for creating a safe workplace, along with a checklist for keeping pathways free and clear of obstructions.