Attendance Tracking

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Employee Time Clock Software Enterprise Renewal

Renew your employee time clock software today for continual time tracking for hourly employees

Your Gradience® TimeClock Enterprise software license expires annually on December 31. Renew today to continue to:
º Track job costs with custom codes for employees working multiple locations and functions
º Get an instant status overview of entire hourly staff
º Easily clock in/out with PC keyboard or optional mag stripe reader
º Reduce costly data entry errors and the time it takes to process payroll
º Comply with state-specific overtime laws

FMLA Tracker Software Enterprise Renewal

Renew Your Enterprise FMLA Tracker Software Today!

Your Gradience® FMLA Tracker Enterprise software license expires annually on December 31. Renew today to continue to:

Automatically calculate available FMLA time based on new federal regulations and your company policies

Define your method of calculation: year-date range, 12-month rolling forward, or 12-month rolling back

FMLA Tracker Software Renewal

Comply with FMLA Guidelines Easily with Downloadable Gradience Software

Eliminate the hassle of managing intermittent employee leave manually. Gradience® FMLA Tracker simplifies the process by walking you through each step. Enter some basic information when prompted and the software gives you the completed, accurate and legally compliant forms you need to process federal FMLA leave requests.

Your Gradience® FMLA Tracker downloadable software license expires annually on December 31. Renew today to ensure continued compliance with FMLA guidelines.

HRcalendar Employee Attendance Tracking Software Renewal

Manage Attendance Tracking and Employee Recordkeeping With HRcalendar® Downloadable Software

Your HRcalendar downloadable software license expires annually on December 31. Renew today to continue to manage everything from attendance and vacation time to salary history and benefit data for another year.

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: HRcalendar runs on Windows 7, which will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of January 14th. This means that 2020 will be the last year we can provide HRcalendar software. To learn more about this change and a special offer on other electronic attendance-tracking options from HRdirect, click here.

ID Badge Kit

Create professional quality photo ID badges on your PC

ID Badge Kit creates 25 professional ID badges with pre-coded magnetic strip that are compatible with the TimeClock Remote.

Employee Time Off Request & Approval Form Small


Manage Employee Time Off Requests With An Easy To Use Form

Simplify and organize your company's time off request process a simple and easy to use system. Employees request time off by marking days directly on the calendar with the expertly designed Time Off Request & Approval Calendar. The calendar format allows you to quickly review and approve paid time off requests. This handy employee absence form is 2-part carbonless so that you can easily provide copies to HR or the employee.


Attendance Calendar Folder

Track Data And Store Documents In The Efficient Calendar Folder

One simple solution pulls double duty with the Attendance Calendar™ Folder. On the outside, mark employee attendance on the same easy-to-use format as our popular Attendance Calendar Card. On the inside, store any and all material related to attendance: vacation requests, emails, warnings and more.

You get a full-year view of attendance plus a way to securely save communication material inside. This combination is a smart, streamlined method for getting control of daily attendance tracking and staying organized.

Take your attendance tracking online for only $90 with the new Attendance Calendar Smart App. You'll get all the same great features of the paper card with the added benefits of an online solution.

Employee Absence Report Compact – 2 Part


Capture The Important Details Of Absenteeism

Employees who abuse your time-off policy not only affect productivity but may also hurt morale. Giving them written notice sends a clear message-when it comes to attendance, you mean business. Our compact two-part carbonless Employee Absence Report is an effective way to document absences and let your employees know that your time-off policy will be enforced.


Request for Time Off Form


Easily Manage Employee Time Off Requests

Handle an employee time off request efficiently and effectively with the Time Off Request Form. This 2-part form gives employees a written record of their request, while the other copy can be kept by the manager or submitted to the payroll department. By handling requests and responses in writing, you’ll create a fair and efficient process along with documentation for reference.