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Take Control of Your Workplace Harassment Training

Training your employees on how to recognize and respond to harassment is the key to building awareness, curbing problematic behavior and preventing lawsuits. Our web-based app makes it easy to conduct comprehensive, workplace training, as well as maintain up-to-date electronic records verifying compliance.

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Up-to-Date and Compliant Harassment Training at Your Fingertips

The Harassment Training Smart App allows you to move your training online for a more affordable, flexible approach. Like all Smart Apps, it features easy, electronic administration and recordkeeping to streamline your efforts. Here’s how it works:

  • Getting started is easy! Assign training to select employees by clicking on any (or all) of the six modules. You can also preview the content of any of the modules.

    Select your state and view a list of attorney-approved policies written by HR experts. Policies are grouped by subject matter and highlighted if they’re mandatory for your state. Add the policies you choose to the “My Policies” section.
  • As employees complete training, they can view their progress —as well as save a section and return to it later.

    Use policies as written or adapt them for your company. The originals in the list remain unchanged – only copies of the policies in the “My Policies” section will reflect your changes.
  • To complete training, employees must answer five true/false review questions. An explanation will appear when they’ve selected the right answer, which helps reinforce learning of the material.

    Within the app, notify employees via email to view the policies you choose. Policies can also be printed out for employees without computer access.
  • Under the Assignments tab, you can view the employees who were assigned training, the assigned module, the status of their training and the applicable supervisor. For added convenience, you can filter your search by Status and Training.

    The app will record when a policy is shared with, and viewed by, an employee. Employees who receive paper policies can sign an acknowledgment-of-receipt form, which can be uploaded and stored electronically in the free Employee Records Smart App.

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HRdirect Smart Apps Benefits

Compliance You Can Trust

Compliance You Can Trust

Legal compliance is not only our priority, it’s our passion. Our in-house attorneys, legal researchers and HR experts act as employer advocates to provide products and services that meet current compliance requirements. You can always be confident that your Smart Apps are up to date and 100% compliant.

3 Levels of Security

3 Levels of Security

We employ the most current and sophisticated security measures so you can be confident your information remains confidential.

Find out what makes our service safe and secure for your business.

Free Employee Records App

Free Employee Records App

With every app purchase, you get the Employee Records App FREE. This app allows you to connect to your most used employee data instantly. All data is shared seamlessly between all your Smart Apps.

Learn more about Employee Records.

Fits Your Budget

Fits Your Budget

Pay just $90 a year – a price that will fit your budget

Plus, Smart Apps are web-based so there’s no install to deal with and you will be able to access your information anywhere you have an internet connection.

Smart App purchases are non-refundable.