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Payroll & Recordkeeping

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Payroll Change Form


Quickly Document Changes in Payroll Status with a Payroll Change Notice

Easily track changes to an employee's pay and status including payroll job title and withholding rate with the Employee Payroll Change Form. This form also provides legal documentation in case of any disputes.

as low as $40.95

Employee Records Jacket


Keep Personnel Records Organized and Secure

The Employee Records Jacket - Letter Size stores confidential employee documents in one convenient location. Jacket features fields for frequently requested employee information such as home address, emergency contact and dates of employment - making hours spent sifting through files a thing of the past.


Payroll Change Form - 3-Part


Three-Part Employee Payroll Change Form Creates Copies for Everyone

Misunderstandings about changes in employee payroll status can be a frequent source of friction, and can result in disruption of work, low employee morale and even costly litigation. Head off these consequences before they arise with an employee payroll form that documents all the changes when they're made. Our expertly designed Employee Payroll Change Forms gets the job done simply and thoroughly. This form collects all the necessary information to document any changes and serves as a tool to ensure all employees have updated, current payroll records. The carbonless form instantly provides three copies for supervisors and recordkeeping.

Updated to include a new payroll/status change reason "FLSA Reclassification".

Employee Records Jacket Expanded


Organize and Store All Confidential Employee Documents in this Expandable Folder

The Employee Records Jacket - Expanding Letter Size keeps employee information in one convenient location. The jacket has ample space for notes and includes fields for important reference such as home address, emergency contact and dates of employment. The folder expands up to an inch for plenty of document storage.


Employee Records Jacket Legal


A Legal Size Jacket Keeps Employee Documents Safe and Secure

The Employee Records Jacket - Legal Size stores legal forms and papers inside with ample space for notes on the outside. The folder keeps employee information including pay rates, employment periods and related information for fast access.


Employee Records Jacket Legal Expanded


Expandable Legal Size Folder Maintains Employee Records Securely

The Employee Records Jacket - Expanding Legal Size stores all confidential documents for each employee in one convenient location. The jacket features fields for frequently referenced employee information such as home address, emergency contact and dates of employment - making hours spent sifting through files a thing of the past. Plus, it expands up to an inch for ample storage.


Employee Payroll Records Folders


Store all Payroll Documents in One Secure Payroll Folder

Your employees' payroll records are confidential. Our Confidential Payroll Folder lets you keep these forms, including weekly timecards and W-4 forms, separate from the personnel files that supervisors and other office staff need to use.


Fill-and-Save Separation Notice


Satisfy the documentation needed when an employee resigns, is terminated or laid off, or retires.

Fill-and-Save™ technology allows you to fill out the form electronically (and email to your employees if necessary). Completed forms can be stored electronically as PDFs or printed out for paper recordkeeping. See more details...


Separation Notice


Ensure Accuracy when Employees Leave

Completing the Separation Notice satisfies all the documentation needed when an employee resigns, is laid off or retires. The checklist covers critical issues that must be discussed with an employee upon separation from employment. Completion of this form starts the process for COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) and issuance of final pay.

Employee Safety and Training Record Folder


Stay Organized with Employee Safety Training Folders

Keep OSHA mandated safety training records organized and easy to review in an employee safety training folder.

This folder stores emergency information, accident reports, training records, violations, specific hazardous material records, personal protective equipment requirements and more.


Orthodontic Patient File Folders


Secure Patient Folders Designed Specifically for Orthodontist Offices

Keep all orthodontic case documentation for your patients in one secure place. This special Orthodontic Case Analysis File safely stores patient records and allows you to record key patient information, case details and benefits.


Employee Record Retention Chart


Stay Compliant with Recordkeeping Laws

Nowadays there are numerous recordkeeping laws for employers to adhere to. Be sure to abide by them all with the help of this Employee Record Retention Chart.

This informational chart breaks down current recordkeeping standards by record type, retention period, and applicable federal law. See more details...


Employee Record Organizer


Keep Employee Folders Together With A Record Organizer

ComplyRight™ Employee Record Organizers are the perfect all-in-one record filing solution. This organizer is made to house a variety of record keeping file folders for each employee. Simply add the file types you need.

Record basic employee data, such as address and emergency phone numbers on the outer jacket of the organizer. Store confidential information inside the record folders.  All the folders tuck neatly into the outer jacket - which fits in any standard-sized filing cabinet.

as low as $47.95

Attendance Record Organizer Folder


Attendance Folder For Your Employee Record Organizer System

This folder not only organizes your employee attendance paperwork - it actually helps simplify it - by capturing important information on the folder itself. Use alone or with the ComplyRight™ Employee Record Organizer (A3101) for the perfect all-in-one record filing solution.See more details...


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