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Employer Compliance

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1099 Continuous 1-Wide 3-Part


Form 1099

Payments made to non-employees such as independent contractors, consultants, attorneys, vendors or freelancers, as well as any fees such as rents, royalties, and/or prizes, must be reported to the IRS using Form 1099.

  • 3-Part form contains Copies A, B, and C
  • Continuous pin feed
  • Printed on carbonless black print paper for clear data transfer between plies
  • Compatible with standard 1099 envelopes
  • Available in increments of 25
  • Price displayed is per form
  • $0.38

    1099-NEC Continuous Forms Set– 3-Part


    3 Part 1099-NEC

    Easily report payments other than wages, tips and salaries, such as miscellaneous income, to non-employees made in the course of a trade or business with 1099-NEC forms.

  • 3-Part Continuous Forms (1” wide) with Copy A, State, B and C
  • Printed on carbonless black print paper for clear data transfer between plies
  • Printed with a continuous pin feed
  • Includes (5) 1096 Transmittal Forms
  • Available in increments of 25
  • $0.38

    W-2 Continuous 1 Wide 4-Part


    Employee Wage Payments Must be Reported on W-2 Forms

    Report wage payments and tax statements for each employee you have paid remuneration, including noncash payments of $600 or more for the year for services performed, with Form W-2 and transmittal Form W-3.

  • 4-Part form contains Employee Copies A, B, C, and 1/D
  • Continuous pin feed
  • Printed on carbonless black print paper for clear data transfer between plies
  • Compatible with standard W-2 Envelopes
  • Available in packages of 25
  • $0.38

    3-UP 1099 Double Window Envelopes


    Standard 1099 Form Envelopes

    Mail your 3-UP 1099 forms using these standard 1099 Form Envelopes

  • Double-window envelope accommodates all standard IRS 3-Up 1099 formats
  • Windows display both Payer and Recipient name and address
  • Self-seal flap
  • Manufactured on 24# white wove paper
  • SFI fiber sourcing certified
  • Offered in pack sizes of 25
  • See size details.


    W-2 Envelopes


    Meet IRS Standards with these W-2 Envelopes

    Mail your continuous and laser W-2 forms using standard W-2 envelopes that meet IRS standards.

  • Self-sealing envelopes
  • Double window to display both payer and recipient name and address
  • Available in packs of 25
  • See size details


    W-2 Twin Set Continuous Tax Forms — 6-Part


    6 Part W2 Tax Forms

    Wage payments and tax deductions for each employee must be reported to the IRS and state and local governments using Form W-2. See more details...


    Earned Income Tax Credit Poster


    Help Employees Take Home More Pay!

    The Earned Income Tax Credit was initiated in 1975 to give working families a way to offset Social Security taxes and take home more money in each paycheck. By reducing the amount of federal tax owed, workers may even be eligible for a refund!

    Make all your employees aware of this benefit by displaying our laminated Earned Income Tax Credit Poster where they are sure to see it. The poster outlines qualifications for eligibility, so employees may take advantage of Earned Income Tax Credits and reduce their total amount of income tax paid.


    Every U.S. business is responsible for keeping current with labor law posters, agency regulations (related to OSHA, FMLA and HIPAA), anti-harassment training, and 1099, W-2 and ACA tax reporting. Expert-developed employer compliance services and products can help you manage and maintain a fully compliant workplace.

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