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Hand Washing Poster


Make sure employees use the proper technique to stop the spread of dangerous infections

Per CDC guidelines, proper hand washing is critical to combating the transmission of contagious disease including coronavirus, colds and seasonal flu.

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Emergency Numbers Poster


Post Critical Information for Fast Access in an Emergency

If an emergency strikes, will every employee in your company know what to do? Will they know whom to call? The location of the nearest first aid kit? The names of staff members who are trained in CPR and other lifesaving techniques? You’ll be able to answer “yes” to all of these questions simply by placing these Emergency Numbers Posters throughout your place of business.

This laminated safety poster puts critical information at everyone’s fingertips! When seconds count, this reference will ensure that not a single moment is wasted. It’s an essential step to take in creating an effective emergency preparedness plan!

Perfectly sized to hang next to every office telephone and in high-traffic areas, the dry-erase surface has ample space to write in and edit your all-important numbers, locations of first aid kits, and other safety information as it changes.


Emergency First Aid Poster


Workplace Safety Poster Provides Critical Emergency Tips

Show how to render quick aid for 37 common injuries and emergencies. Post Emergency Aid Posters in common or high-traffic areas to give employees access to first aid and lifesaving techniques.  


OSHA Recordkeeping System


Keep OSHA Safety Forms and Information Organized

Every year, between February 1 and April 30, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules require covered businesses* to review the prior year's OSHA safety forms and post a summary of injury and illness information. The ComplyRight™ OSHA Recordkeeping System takes the guesswork out of the regulations and makes it easy to complete your OSHA safety forms and post the right OSHA safety information, in full compliance with the law. 


OSHA Accident Report Form


Comply with OSHA Reporting Requirements

If your business is subject to OSHA recordkeeping requirements, you are required to keep records of employee illnesses and injuries on approved OSHA accident report forms. This OSHA Accident/Illness Report is perfect for recording each incident.

The Accident/Illness Report (equivalent to OSHA Form 301) can be used to keep this supplemental record of occupational injuries and illnesses. Used in conjunction with OSHA Forms 300 and 300A, the Accident/Illness Report can be used to satisfy most recordkeeping requirements relating to employee illness and injury. See more details...

Recordkeeping note: The law requires that OSHA Accident Report Forms and Illness Report Forms (Form 301) be kept in the establishment for five years. Failure to do so can result in citations and penalties.


Slips, Trips & Falls Safety Poster


Remind Employees of Workplace Safety Practices

Slips, trips and falls result in more than 200,000 disabling workplace injuries each year, and can result in staggering workers’ comp claims. The causes of accidents can range from unsteady ladders to spills that aren’t immediately mopped up or properly marked.

Display this colorful poster to raise your employees’ awareness of the most common causes of slips, trips and falls - and the simple but smart things they can do to contribute to overall workplace safety. This safety poster reminds employees to be continually aware of their surroundings. It also provides a list of do’s and don’ts for creating a safe workplace, along with a checklist for keeping pathways free and clear of obstructions.


Lifting Safely at Work Poster


Prevent common workplace injuries

This essential workplace safety poster uses short explanations and powerful visuals to draw attention to safety practices that can keep your employees healthy and your workers' compensation rates down.

To prevent accidents and on-the-job injuries, post it in break rooms and other high-traffic areas where it can serve as a constant safety reminder!


Biohazard Cleanup Kit


Accessible Kit Protects Employees During Biohazard Cleanup

Exposure to hazardous chemicals and/or bodily fluids can result in serious infections and disease. Give your employees the protection they need to clean up spills - and save your company all the expenses (testing, lost time, disability payments) that a single exposure can cause. The Biohazard Cleanup/Bodily Fluid Spill Kit is designed to protect employees during bodily fluid and bio hazard cleanup.


GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster - Spanish


Provide Quick, Critical Labeling Information Under OSHA’s New Hazard Communication Training Rules

Display this Spanish GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster to protect your employees from workplace danger and your company from safety violations. This OSHA-compliant safety training poster explains the symbols and language of the required GHS labeling system.

Posting this crucial information alerts your employees to chemical hazards in the workplace. The GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster explains the labels and includes a sample. In a bold, quick-reference format, the poster also highlights all the OSHA pictograms that must be included on labels. It's a perfect way to meet OSHA training requirements.


Understanding Hazardous Material Labels Poster


Poster Meets OSHA Haz-Com Requirements!

Our OSHA safety poster provides a wealth of information regarding OSHA's hazardous materials regulations, providing ratings for health hazards, flammability and reactivity.

The fully compliant OSHA information on this workplace safety poster includes health hazard definitions and the dangers they present to your employees; personal protection symbols; and examples of chemical labeling and NFPA hazard ratings.

Protect your employees from workplace hazards and your company from OSHA safety violations with this and other OSHA mandated safety products from HRdirect.


Forklift Daily Checklist


Prevent Accidents and Stay in Compliance with this Convenient Checklist

Making sure that your workplace is always in compliance with forklift safety regulations can be time consuming but if you don’t do it, a major accident could result. Use the Forklift Daily Checklist to eliminate any worries. Keep your forklift operators on the alert to safety risks and remind them of their daily obligation to protect property and prevent accidents.


Forklift Safety Poster


Prevent Forklift Injuries - Post these Safety Steps!

Laminated forklift safety posters serve as a daily reminder to employees who operate forklifts or other powered industrial trucks on crucial safety steps that can save lives and prevent damage to materials being transported. This safety poster covers safe driving, safe loading, safe maintenance and battery changing, operator and personnel safety, and general safe operations.


SDS Binder and Dividers


Keep Employees Properly Informed About Chemicals in the Workplace

This SDS binder and dividers set helps keep required SDS information organized while staying current on OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard. With the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for chemical labeling, employee communication is vital to help businesses with GHS HAZCOM training. Employers are required to train workers on the new GHS labeling system and how to read and interpret a safety data sheet.


SDS Training Poster


Educate Employees on Key SDS Information Under OSHA's Revised HazCom Standard

The SDS Training Poster clearly outlines the 16-section format of a safety data sheet. Displaying this poster makes it easier for employees to read and understand SDS information while also alerting them to the dangers of workplace chemicals.

As part of OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), all employers with hazardous chemicals in the workplace must provide clear, uniform SDS information for their exposed workers in the form of SDSs (safety data sheets), formerly known as MSDS labels.


Drug-Free Job Application Stickers


Make your Drug-Free Policy Clear to all Applicants

These stickers are an easy and affordable way to alert all applicants that your company will not tolerate drug abuse. Place the sticker to the front page of job applications to ensure applicants will see it right away. It's an effective way to discourage potential abusers from even applying to your company.


COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness Poster


Remind Employees Vaccines are Safe

With COVID-19 vaccines becoming more widely available, employers are recognizing they can play an important role in stopping the pandemic by encouraging workers to get vaccinated.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness Poster helps communicate that safe and effective vaccines are available. See more details...


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