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Applicant Potential Test


Hire the Best Candidate by Measuring Potential

A professionally created pre-employment applicant test can mean the difference between hiring an applicant who sounds good and hiring one who can do the job. The Applicant Potential Test (APT), one of our most popular job aptitude tests, accurately and objectively identifies effective problem solvers, top performers and quick learners while eliminating those who lack the thinking skills needed to do the job right.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $15.25

Applicant Risk Profiler Test


Identify Potential Hiring Risks

The Applicant Risk Profiler employee personality test is a validated applicant testing tool that will identify potential risks, giving you the information you need to make a wise hiring decision.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $18.25

Can-Do Attitude Test


Discover if Candidates have a Positive, "Can-Do" Attitude

The attitude of your employees is as critical to the success of your business as the quality of your products. Positive employee morale promotes a better working environment, increases customer loyalty, and is repeatedly ranked as the most desirable trait by employers nationwide. The “Can-Do” Attitude employee personality test was developed as a simple and accurate way to identify valuable employees who will go the extra mile at work - with smiles on their faces. See more details...

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $15.25

Clerical Skills Test


Clerical Skills Test Measures Writing, Math and Reading Skills

Studies by the American Management Association indicate that more than a third of job applicants tested lacked sufficient reading and mathematical skills to perform the jobs they sought. That’s why it is so important to use an employment skills test to measure the ability of your employees to read instructions, write and analyze reports, and calculations.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $15.25

Filing Skills Online Test


Find Out what their Filing Skills are Before you Hire

The Filing Skills Test consists of 20 problems that measure how rapidly and accurately a job applicant can sort out information in order to to file names and dates accurately. See more details...

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $7.40

Imprinted 50-State Compliant Job Application Short Form


Capture Essential Information about Applicants while Complying with Hiring Laws

The 50-State Compliant Job Application Short Form asks detailed questions but is concise enough to save you time in the ever-tedious hiring process. The attorney-developed form is ideal for most entry-level, non-exempt positions. The two-sided job application provides clear, direct questions for applicants to answer, while still allowing ample room for job seekers to list skills, employment history and education information. Lastly, the form includes an EEOC-approved question regarding the applicant’s ability to perform the job, with or without accommodation, and a general non-harassment clause to protect your company from any legal missteps.

Complies with the June 2020 U.S. Supreme Court decision on LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace.


Interpersonal Skills Test


Find Service-Oriented Personnel with Pre-Employment Testing

Use our Customer Relations & Interpersonal Skills employment screening test to identify applicants who have skills associated with excellent customer service that can be applied to almost any field.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $13.75

Light Industrial Skills Test


Improve Light Industrial Workforce with Mechanical Aptitude Test

Our Light Industrial Skills Test (LIST) is unique among aptitude tests in that it measures an applicant’s skills based on the specific requirements of a light industrial workforce, as well as workplace attitudes - including attitudes toward illegal drug use. The answers candidates give to this aptitude test helps you find employees who will be reliable, clear-headed, who will take responsibility for the quality of their work, and most important in a warehouse environment, employees who have a safe work ethic.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $18.25

Mechanical Ability Test


Hire the Most Productive, Safety-Conscious Workers

If you're looking to fill a position that involves mechanical or equipment repair, general building maintenance, knowledge of tools and/or general mechanical concepts, you can't afford to hire an unskilled or unsafe employee. Not only is an unskilled employee a drain on productivity, but he or she can quickly drive up your workers' comp rates with unsafe work practices

The Mechanical Ability Test (MAT) provides a reliable and objective measure of an individual's knowledge of general mechanical concepts. These include use of tools, reading rulers and gauges, proper lifting techniques, mechanical movements, assembly and electrical concepts.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $15.25

Proofreading Skills Test


Screen Applicants for Proofreading Before you Hire

The SkillSeries™ Proofreading Test is presented to applicants in the form of a brief business letter that contains 20 errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Applicants are asked to circle each of the errors.

Download the manual for all SkillSeries™ tests.

as low as $7.40

Retail Skills Test


Employee Personality Test Measures Potential in the Retail Industry

The Retail Skills Test is an employee personality test and employment skills test in one comprehensive assessment, enabling you to identify reliable and trustworthy applicants who have the skills needed to make correct change, calculate discounts, match model numbers to display units and treat your customers with care and consideration.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $18.25

Skills Profiler Test


Secure Your Competitive Business Advantage

The Skills Profiler is a skill assessment test that helps you identify job candidates who possess solid basic skills (mathematical, verbal and written) that can be successfully applied to a variety of situations and responsibilities. Their answers to the questions in this employment skills test determine how well they will be able to adapt to new challenges, solve problems, learn quickly and communicate clearly.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $15.25

Spelling Skills Online Test


Screen Job Applicants for Spelling Skills

The Spelling Skills Test is a perfect choice for clerical, secretarial or positions requiring good office skills and consists of 25 words commonly used in the workplace environment. Your job applicants will be asked to identify misspelled words.

Download the manual for all SkillSeries™ tests.

as low as $7.40

Welcome Dots Card


Express Your Excitement for the New Employee

Start your employer-employee relationship on an upbeat note with this “bubbly” card. It features playful, fiesta-colored dots, a whimsical font and an upbeat message, front and center. Your new hire will start their job with a smile on their face!

as low as $0.81

Workplace Essentials Profile Test


Measure Essential Skills and Reliability


The people you hire represent your company; that’s why it is so important to use employment screening tests to ensure that prospective employees have a grasp on essential workplace skills and are ready to show up for work each day with a desire to do their best. The Workplace Essentials Profile test is your best option.


Download the manual for this test.

as low as $18.25

Workplace Reading Comprehension Online Test


Test Reading Comprehension Skills Before you Hire

Our SkillSeries™ Reading Comprehension Test is an excellent choice for a variety of job categories, including clerical, research, writing, editing, training, sales and medical positions.Good reading comprehension skills are important for most jobs. But are you sure your job applicants have the skills you need? A reading ability test takes a few minutes and can help you decide which applicants should move forward in the interview process. See more details...

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $7.40

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